We’re home to the most amazing tasty pizza

And we’re your city’s favourite, doesn’t matter the size. 0ur customers get actual value from digging into ur pizza crust. They crave great food at great prices, while keeping up with the trends. Nobody does it better like Valz Pizza

A perfect pizza franchise goes way beyond just pizza. We’re definitely a solid brand, but we offer more than just food service. We could give you a million and one reasons but then;



WHAT’S ON THE TABLE: Our reliable and trusted model is one reason our customer are loyal to our brand, all of our restaurants/outlets feature pizzas from only our menu and signature catalogue.



OUTREACH: We’ve always believed in giving back. Our franchisees are active members of their communities, providing charitable service/donations to the less priviledged and Internal Displaced People. Our customizable, company-wide programs also make it easy for us to make a difference in our community.



SUPPORT: We provide professional and functional services, comprehensive assistance, training and financial assistance.



“Valz Pizza is growing faster than ever, while we understand running a business can tedious,we have put structures in place to help make life as an entrepreneur easy for you as well as for us.”


FRANCHISEES BENEFIT: The corporate and business development team at Valz Pizza is 100% focused on franchisee success, providing the insights, tracking successes, monitoring experiences, strategies, and investing resources to help franchisees grow revenue and reach their goals. Over time, we continually develop every aspect of our business models, enabling franchisees to integrate our systems and procedures that’s proven to improve the customer experience.




* Legacy brand with immense brand power
* A real estate broker will work with the franchisee to find/approve the location
* A construction team will design and do the entire build out if required
* Connect the franchisee with vendors to locate equipment
* Intensive three week hands on training program
* Well-defined operational systems and processes that help you manage your restaurant and serve great products with consistency
* Proven marketing strategies, marketing assets, websites, online ordering, advertising, collateral, and so much more to help you drive new business and customer loyalty
* At opening of your location, we will send support staff to help train your staff, set up your location, and stay with you during your opening week
* After opening, you will see a field person regularly or you can make an appointment for someone to come in and assist you with any challenges you face


Customers Taste the Difference

Facts! There are a lots of pizza business concepts that boast about the quality of their products and services. With our rich history as the preferred pizza place, Valz Pizza has carved a niche in the minds of customers regardless of if they were born eating our pizza or it’s first time customers.



Now that you are a Valz Pizza owner, it’s guaranteed that our team is here to educate, train, and assist you however. Our process begins with a thorough vetting where we make sure that Valz Pizza franchising is right for you. Moving forward, we work diligently to get you ready to open your doors, following proven steps where we are working hand-in-hand with you. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible, making new franchisees confident, able, and excited to launch and grow their new Valz Pizza restaurant.


We’re here to help you understand the benefits, market advantages, and processes in which Valz Pizza operates.


Get more information so you can decide if Valz Pizza is the right fit for you and your future


Valz Pizza, along with our 3rd party companies will help you through all of the unsaturated sectors concerned and ensure your outlet is duly opened in accordance with the law and our internal standard


Our full-service construction partners will take you from plans to opening.


Receive 12 weeks of top-notch training. We will teach you everything that you need to know in order to make your Valz Pizza successful.


We assist you in planning your grand opening to include: staffing, operations, marketing, and community outreach.







Our comprehensive training program equips you with everything you need to efficiently manage our restaurant operations. menu purchasing, production and procedures are presented to assure that the unique & healthy nature of Valz Pizza’s menu is executed to perfection. The goal is to consistently present the absolute best experience to each and every Valz Pizza patronizer.


Virtually 99% of pizza establishments in our modern times favour the use of unhealthy & harmful additives  in their pizza dough preparation. Valz Pizza proudly belongs to the 1% that don’t